Sustainable development

Sustainable development is at the heart of all our endeavours. Our staff and resources, material and technical, are clearly mobilized towards that purpose.

Amidst the immense challenges brought on by a growing global economy, the use and preservation of natural resources are key issues. The repurposing of materials previously considered unusable, quickly became highly evident. Reducing the environmental impact while improving people’s lives is not an easy task, but these challenges are now a source of innovation for Société Laurentide.

Laurentide Re-Sources, through its sustainable development action plan, ensures that its actions, policies and decisions reflect its objectives of environmental management through its infrastructures, generated residual materials, a deep understanding of the environmental impact of its products, an eco-friendly supply chain, retention, development and safety of its employees and developing a perennial impact on its community.


Over the last five years, Laurentide Resources has recovered more than 32 000 tons of paint and nearly 80 000 tons since 2003. Converted into paint cans, that represents 40 million paint containers that have been diverted from landfill sites. If you line up these paint containers side by side they would cover the distance from Vancouver BC across to St. Johns NL, more than 7000 kilometers in distance.

Life Cycle Analysis of Boomerang recycled latex paint, demonstrates when manufactured, that it emits four times fewer greenhouse gases than traditionally manufactured paint. Thus, producing 4000 tons of recycled paint per year, Laurentide Re-Sources reduces global emissions by 8000 tons of CO2, equivalent to removing close to 2000 cars from our roads every year.

Boomerang recycled latex paint is also subject to an Environmental Product Declaration which informs the consumer on a product’s impact regarding the seven principle environmental indicators, from its creation to its life end. Construction jobsites and projects can earn credits leading to LEED v4 Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), when selecting these EPD products.