Why Choose Boomerang Paints?

Formulated by experts through creativity and technical know-how, Boomerang recycled paint is an innovative product with an environmental agenda.

We manufacture a quality product which has benefited from 20 years of experience in repurposing leftover paint. Our paint features 21 beautiful, soft, velvet colours, with great washability, superior hiding power alongwith excellent adherence.

Taking into consideration, our dedication to sustainable development, our containers are made exclusively from recycled materials. Our paint labels contain 10% of recycled fibers and 90% new fibers coming from FSC certified forests (Forest Stewardship Council). Boomerang paint with its low VOCs throughout its production cycle, emits four times fewer greenhouse gases than traditionally manufactured paints.

Boomerang Paint is considered an excellent value for your money while having a low environmental impact. It is considered the choice by excellence for decorators, entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers.