Who Are We?

Boomerang products are manufactured from leftover, recovered household paints. Throughout their production cycle they emit four times fewer greenhouse gases than traditionally manufactured paints.

To guarantee the quality of the Boomerang products, a small amount of new materials is added to the recovered paints to ensure a consistent performance while delivering the best price available.

Since we are convinced of a circular economy, the packaging of our products is made entirely of recycled materials.

Boomerang recycled latex paint is also subject to an Environmental Product Declaration (certified CSA) which informs the consumer on the product’s impact on the seven principle environmental indicators, from its creation to its life end. By selecting products featuring a EPD, construction projects can earn credits toward a LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
It is also certified UL Environment validating that it is an environmentally friendly choice.

Our paint benefits from 20 years of know-how experience in architectural paint recycling in collaboration with Eco-peinture.

Laurentide Re/sources is a Canadian leader in the recycling of paints. In addition, it is responsible for the recovery of compact fluorescent light bulbs, household hazardous waste, used batteries and oils throughout Quebec and across Atlantic Canada

To learn more about our philosophy on global development or to look for a drop off center near you go to: www.laurentide.co/re-sources/